I must confess that I’m a terrible terrible blogger. It been…. I don’t even want to count the months.. It’s been a long time lets just say that. I apologise wholeheartedly and implore that you forgive me 😭

I’ve just been so so so busy lately what with study, exams, essays, training and some personal things I’ve been working through. But hang in there guys, I’ll be back!

This is pretty much to say that I probably won’t be blogging again until the end of May/June (depending on how busy I am in June), but also that I really want to start blogging again in the summer because hey, I’ve nothing better to do with my time than run a crappy blog :’)

But a huge massive thanks to everyone who’s hung in there and not left me, you guys are the best 😊😘 I’ll try to get stuff up semi-regular for you guys 😊 but don’t kill me if I don’t because I’m under a whole ton of pressure at the moment what with finals and careers etc.

But yeah, thanks again for sticking with me, I really appreciate it 😊


Happy Holidays!

Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year. Not because of the food, or receiving gifts. It’s because I get to give gifts. Giving gifts makes me so happy. Just to see the look on someone’s face when they open it and see that it’s something they love or want… It’s priceless. I can’t describe the feeling I get when someone tells me, in all honesty, that they love the gift I’ve given them. It fills me with joy. I don’t care about getting things in return, I don’t want anything in return. The look on someone’s face when you give them something they like… It’s just amazing.. That’s the best present anyone could ever give me. It just makes me so happy.
Another thing I love about Christmas (not just Christmas, but especially at Christmas) is family. I love my family with all my heart. When I lived back home, every year my family would have a huge get-together and I absolutely loved it. Just getting to spend a couple days with my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. It was so special and I miss it so much now that I can’t have it. I know people don’t realise just how special family really is.. I hear people moaning and complaining about how they have to go see their relatives for Christmas… And it saddens me… So enjoy having your family over for Christmas, because I know people can’t be bothered with the big family get-togethers, but they don’t realise how much they take their family for granted. Family is such a special thing and I realise this more and more each year that I’m not home for Christmas. That’s why I want everyone just to enjoy being with their family, love them and cherish them, because they’re one of the most, if not the most, important things in the world. Christmas is a time for friends and family, so enjoy them 🙂

Well that’s all from me for today 🙂 I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you all have an amazing holiday and enjoy it 🙂 make sure not to eat too much that you explode 😉 and I’ll see you in 2014!! 😀

-Mel x

Halloween.. I guess..

Wooooooooo!!! (Ok that was a terrible impression of a ghost…) Helloooo!! How are we all?? All still alive?? 😉 hopefully, because… Halloween is upon us… Dun dun DUUNNNN *dramatic music* (incase you didn’t realise).

So… Halloween. Creepy. Chilly. Carrots. (Ok so I was going for alliteration and couldn’t think of a third word that fit… Don’t judge me.) I don’t really do Halloween because I’m “boring” and “rubbish” or so I’ve been told. Anyway, because I don’t celebrate Halloween, I thought I’d come up with a list of.. Things… Not to do… And stuff..

1. Please do not ring my doorbell. I don’t do Halloween. Yes, you may argue that ‘how were you to know that I didn’t do Halloween,’ BUT you should have used your telepathy skills to read my mind. Come on, don’t pull that excuse on me, we all know that telepathy is a normal and regular thing for people to have/do.

2. Don’t ask me for free food. If I buy any kind of food, it will be for me. To eat. Myself. Me, myself and I. You are not involved in this relationship. Food and I go a long way back. We are very close friends. Don’t try to come between us. Please.

3. Don’t pull any pranks on me. I’m a very easily scared individual and if you try anything I swear down that I will fly kick you in the face.

4. Don’t force me into doing anything I don’t want to, such as dressing up as a female rendition of the Joker. Because I have not see the Batman movies (yes, I have no life, I know.) and I feel like it would be an insult to the movies if I went as a character from them when I’ve never seen them.

5. Oh my sweet and sour jack-o-lantern something just fell over in my room. My house is haunted. I’m moving out. Someone call the ghostbusters.

6. Do. Not. Teepee. My. House. Being perfectly honest this isn’t very likely because I don’t think teepee-ing is a thing in Scotland… But you never know.

Anyway… I think that’s all… Yes I sound rather cynical, BUT it’s not my fault.. I just don’t enjoy Halloween. Sorry. But I’m allowed to be who I am, so you’ll just have to accept me for who I am. 😉

Ciao for now! (That just totally rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.)


Live, Laugh, Love

Well hello!! Does anyone ever feel like if we were all hippies the world would be such a chill place?? Like no one would ever fight, we’d all just sit and chillax around a camp fire singing songs and playing guitar with flowers in our hair (the girls anyway, I mean boys can wear flowers if they want, I won’t judge) and everything would just be so cool and relaxed. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. Today I decided to dress like a hippie cause… Well… Cause I can XD probably gotten loads of weird looks but I don’t care, if I want to dress like a hippie, I should be able to 😄 dressing like a hippie makes me feel so…. I don’t know, I can’t describe it… It just makes me feel free and chill XD my parents were rather shocked at the transition because my style is usually more skater girl (or so I was told). I usually stick to skinny jeans, but today I went for a pair of Aladdin trousers, a flowy blouse, loads of necklaces and rings (with the peace sign on them of course) and a more hippie hair style (I even used feathers). I could totally go hippie all the time… Just feel like sitting in town busking or something 😄
Anyway… This was a bit of a random post XD but I feel like people should slow down a bit and just chill and appreciate life like hippies 😊 also, I know I used a lot if typical stereotypes here and it’s in a totally non-offensive way I wish I was more of a hippie to be perfectly honest XD just a great way of life 😊

Anyway, that’s all from me for now! Sorry for the randomness of that post, but I’m just a bit of a spontaneous person I think XD hope you enjoyed it anyway 😊 Tataah for now!!

6k Charity Run!

Hello, hello, hello!! Ahh I’m so sorry! I’ve not forgotten all of yous, I promise! I’ve been totally busy this month! Sooo much homework and so many tests to study for! I get a biology test every week! It’s madddd!! But anyway, enough with the excuses, I’m actually so sorry I’ve not been on here for awhile :/ I’ll try to put something else up withing the next week or so 🙂
Ok, so since I left you all ( 😥 ) soooo much has been happening! Especially in the past couple weeks! I’ve a mini listy thingamajig of wee updates on life in general before I get to the main post :’) so here we go!

1. I started karate lessons. :O Yes, I am training to be a ninja. Haha, nah, but one of my good friends asked me to come along just to see if I’d like to join, so I went to my first session last Saturday, and it was amazing! So from here on out I am an official karate student! Even ordered a suit!

2. Music lessons are starting back soon! Yay! I need to get practicing if I want to pass my exams :/

3. In school on a Wednesday I get to go into the primary next to my highschool and lead wee primary 6 and 7’s in sports games and that kind of thing. I might put an actual post up about that because there’s so much to say about it!

4. I’m starting some volunteer work sometime in the near future (I hope anyway!) A friend of a friend has a place for me at an after school care programme so I might be starting that soon!

Anyway! Thanks for bearing with me through all that! Ok so the main topic of this post is charity. Today me and a couple of my close friends did a charity run with shcools from all around my area to raise money for St Andrew’s Hospice. We ran/power walked 6 kilometers. It was such a great experience and I’m definetly going to do it again next year because it was well worth it. If any of you ever get the chance to do a charity run, I’d totally recommend it, because it’s for a great cause and it’s a lot of fun. But other than that I wanted to give a few do’s and don’ts for charity runs (cause I’m such an expert now, obviously 😉 )

 1. Do wear proper running shoes. Ow, ow, ow. I had running shoes but my socks didn’t come quite high enough at the back so just above my heels are rubbed raw from the back of the shoe 😦 Powering through the pain :’)

 2. Don’t wear a onsie. Please. Just.. Just no. The amount of girls (I say girls, but there was many a boy too..) in onsies was astounding. I saw cows, srtawberries, kermits, dalmations, spidermans and what looked like an albino pig, pottering along the road. A onsie in your house is semi-acceptable.. But walking and running along the road in public?? No. It should not be done. The albino pig onsie was terrifying. The onsie was all white with a little curly white tail poking out from in between this girl’s bum cheek’s. I tried to get infront of her because I was absolutly terrified at the sight of the little tail bobbing as she walked.

 3. Do remember to wear pants. No I don’t mean trousers, I mean pants. As in, underwear. Many a girl was walking about in leggings (rather see through leggings may I add) without a top covering their bums. So everything was set a wobbling when they started running.. But what was even worse was the girls who felt the need to wear a THONG. I think I threw up a little when I saw one particular girl who looked as if she wasn’t wearing any pants. Please, honey, for the sake of my eyesight, and the mental health of the general public, trot off to Primark, grab a pair of one pound pants, put them on and continue the run. Tahh muchly.

 4. Don’t wear a country’s flag backwards. So as some of you may know I’m origionally from Australia (woop woop!) Well there was this one boy who was wearing an Australian flag. So naturally I was quite excited to see a fellow Aussie strutting his stuff along the course. I felt so proud and patriotic… Until I noticed the flag on his back. It was the wrong way around. The Union Jack was on the right, not the left. What kind of Australian is this?! I thought Wearing his flag backwards?! I soon overtook him and forgot about him until a while later I was walking behind him again and I told him he had the flag the wrong way around. He replied in a Scottish accent. A Scotsman wearing an Australian flag backwards. Who did he think he was?! Disrespecting me?! My country?! After a while of me and my friends telling him it was the wrong way around, he took it off. Mission accomplished.


So that’s just a few do’s and don’ts for charity runs!! I’ll let you know how much my school managed to raise when I find out!

Does anyone have any interesting charity stories?? Let me know in the comments!!
Thanks for reading! 😀


Man (or teenage boy) Kind

Ahh boys.. They’re like a foreign species to us teenage girls. They way you talk, walk, think. We (or maybe its just me..) don’t understand. I have a few things I just don’t understand and figured you all needed to know 😉

Ok, how, how, HOW do you guys swagger?! I’ve tried (yep.. that is my life… Jealous?? 😉 ) and I just cant do it! I end up looking like a cross between a duck and a constipated rabbit. Know how people say “it’s not exactly rocket science”?? Swaggering actually is. I don’t know any girls who can swagger. Actually I know one but she has four brothers so it’s kinda expected that she can..

How do you eat so much?! You’re like dust bins! You inhale every crumb of food on offer! How?? I eat quite a lot for a girl but I know boys who can eat three times as much as me. I was down in England in the summer with a bunch of friends (a bunch being around sixty or seventy. It was a youth camp thing) and whenever we were eating I usually couldn’t finish the food because they gave me loads and loads. Every time I couldn’t finish something I’d offer the left overs to my guy friends and they basically kneel down and worship me like I was the food queen or something O.o One day after a rather physical game of rounders we were having lunch and I couldn’t finish mine so I offered it to one of my guy pals and he honestly said “omg I love you so much right now I could kiss you” not even kidding. I don’t get how they eat so much…

Why do guys tease girls?? I know when I was a kid everyone used to run around saying ‘Oooh! It means he like you if he teases you!’ I never believed that… But is it actually true?? I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that one.

See when boys think they’re good looking. I hate when they strut around like they own the place thinking that they’re the hottest thing since the sun. You can tell when they think they’re hot because if you just glace at them they give you the all knowing “I see you checking me out” look. Some even give you a wee wink or nod. It does my head in, because most of the time they’re the most unattractive guy’s I’ve ever seen. I remember this one time, me and a friend were walking downtown going to get food (as per usual) and a guy, maybe eighteen or ninteen walked past in shorts and a V-Neck vest. Now V-Neck vests on boys are a big no-no in my books, but when that V just about reaches your belly button and your man boobs are spilling everywhere, my body goes into instant repulse mode. I mean really, think of the general public that could be scarred and consider investing in a sports bra. Anyway, we walked past this guy and awkwardly stared at his chest because we were repulsed by the man boobs and chest hair. Well he saw us looking and thought we were checking him out. He then proceeded to puff his hairy moobs out more and turned on his swagger. By this point I was having a hard time holding in my hysterics and disgust and I burst out laughing, which seemed to boost his ego all the more as he grinned at us and swaggered past.

Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant! But ah well, I just don’t understand :’) Probably never will if I’m honest :’) Do you have anything you don’t understand? Or any aswers to my questions?? Let me know in the comments!! 😀

-Mel x

Happy Strategies

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is so late :/ It’s my first week back at school and I’ve been totally swamped in homework :/

Ok so basically I’ve had a pretty rubbish week so far and I was thinking of ways to cheer myself up, and I thought, “What if other people have these kinda weeks where nothing goes right?” So I figured I’d share my ways of staying positive!

1. Try to find a silver lining.

For me, this is kinda hard because when I’m depressed I can’t find anything good about the situation. I do try, and when I can think of a silver lining, focusing on that really helps. This week my silver linings were that tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and we’re going to his (and my) favorite restaurant for dinner! Also, on Saturday, one of my really good friends is coming over to be my little model in a bit of photography I’m doing. So, try to stay positive and find yourself a silver lining! 🙂

2. Eat bananas.

Yep, you read that right! Apparently (according to scientist) bananas have something in them that makes people feel happy. Also the colour yellow makes us feel happy, so bananas are like a 2 for 1! XD Unfortunately, I can’t stand bananas, they make me feel really sick :/ so, I resort to chocolate. It makes me feel happy 😉 Not quite so healthy, but chocolate is one of the best comfort foods, in my opinion anyway. Obviously you all have your own opinions so just eat whatever makes you feel good 🙂

3. Hugs.

If you’re anything like me, a good hug can fix anything. Grab someone you love and give them a hug. It seriously helps, I’m not even kidding. 🙂

4. Music.

Music can make you feel all kinds of emotions, but if you’re down, listen to happy and uplifting music. It will really make you feel so much more positive! I like to listen to quite upbeat music if I’m feeling bad. Try not to listen to sad music, it’ll most likely make you feel even worse :/ take it from someone who knows :/ A few of my preferred “anti-depressant tunes” are; ‘Goodtime Girl’ – Scouting For Girls, ‘Counting Stars’ – OneRepublic, ‘Treasure’ – Bruno Mars (don’t judge me! Bruno Mars is my guilty pleasure music..) and ‘Here Comes Forever’ – R5. Go give them a listen, they’re amazing songs! 😉 🙂

5. Last but definetly not least… Talk with someone.

Talking with someone really, really helps. It’s really not great to keep everything bottled up (believe me, I know.) So when you’re feeling down and you  have a spare minute, just take a moment to take your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, mum or dad aside and just talk 🙂 It honestly helps so much!

So that’s my list! If any of  you have any other “Happy Strategies,” let me know in the comments!

Oh! Wait! Before you go, I just want to say that because I’ve been pretty slack with keeping up with the posts lately, I’m going to try and post something else tomorrow or Saturday 🙂

– Mel x